The narrative is a fake; we know the narrative is a fake. The enormity of deceitful wars — funded not by us, but by Reagan Anne King [Rep. Steven King’s granddaughter, and a mendaciously-deployed anti-tax prop at the recent Cain/Gingrich debate] — and laissez-faire looting of the financial system are less important than Godless Socialism, the same way we conveniently ignored the rise of Nazism, and the First World War which it rode to power, and set off to win the Battle of Light vs Dark with a little help from German rocket scientists and medical technicians. Y’know, a lot bigger question than “Who takes Herman Cain seriously?” or “What does a Gingrich candidacy tell us about an uncaring God?” is how it is that this crap gets repeated ad infinitum without contradiction. Defense is at least 50% of the Budget, and it buys us a more bloated bureaucracy than Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and France, combined. For nothing, or nothing like what is claimed. Social Security is vital, vital to vast swathes of America, and even Texas. Who th’ fuck is it so important that we bomb?

Can’t somebody make any of these guys answer a real question?

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